How We Work Is How We Win

Sophisticated solutions for complex challenges.

León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP is a business litigation firm. We handle high-stakes plaintiff and defense cases for corporations and individuals in a variety of practice areas and industries all over the United States.

Our track record speaks for itself. We win trials. We win arbitrations. We win appeals. We win settlements (yes, settlements can be won). In short, we win on every parameter important to you.

Our lawyers, most of whom are former federal law clerks and educated at top schools, were trained at the world’s largest and most prestigious firms and are known for their tireless advocacy, creative problem-solving, and substantive expertise. Our attorneys have spent their entire legal careers representing some of the world’s largest institutions in some of the most complex lawsuits filed in the United States.

We are trial lawyers.

This means we approach every case as if it’s headed to trial because, in our experience, success only comes with a credible trial threat. The majority of cases, of course, do not go to trial. But coming to the table with lawyers prepared to do so increases your chances of resolving your case on favorable terms. We bring that credible threat to every case, and your adversaries will know it.

Pre-trial discovery is a tool, not an end in itself.

In litigating complex commercial matters, pre-trial discovery is often the largest expense associated with the case. However, lengthy and protracted discovery usually only produces large invoices. At León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP, we approach pre-trial discovery as a tool to help us tell a convincing story, not as a means to generate revenue. Our aim in discovery is precise and entirely focused on developing themes and facts that, combined with our resolve to go to trial, will tip the balance in the conference room or the courtroom.

We are lean and unleveraged.

We staff cases with as few lawyers as possible, not the other way around. Doing so creates more efficiency, success, and accountability to each client. Our lawyers will know every part of your case, not just pieces of it, and will never lose sight of your “big picture” objectives or your desired result.

Communication is key.

You will hear from us, and often. We believe the foundation of any client relationship is constant and clear communication. You will not wonder whether we are tending to your case – you will know it.

León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP will understand your business and your objectives.

To us, understanding our clients and their ultimate objectives is as important as navigating the complex legal issues and strategy in any particular case. Indeed, one informs the other. We identify your risks, objectives, and exposure upfront, so we can manage your case with the greatest efficiency, and ensure the maximum potential for a successful outcome. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate and adapt to evolving case dynamics and client needs, while never losing sight of your ultimate goal.