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Class Action

Class Action

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The lawyers at León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP have the respect of courts and opposing counsel in the class action arena. Our willingness to try even the most difficult case sends a strong signal to our adversaries that litigating against us will not be business as usual. Among other things, this means that the plaintiffs’ bar knows that they cannot rely on the inevitable strike-suit settlement.

We know that a class action allowed to get out of hand can quickly become a tool for litigation blackmail. Thus, we believe that effective class action defense requires early identification of our client’s optimal exit strategy. The firm is committed to resolving these cases without exorbitant expense to our clients—whether through an outright win or a sensible, business-savvy settlement. And we have a strong track record of getting class actions dismissed on early motions.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the procedural and litigation dynamics unique to class actions, as well as expertise in the underlying substantive areas of the law. We also have established, productive working relationships with the plaintiffs’ class action bar, which pays dividends in terms of limiting discovery and other litigation disputes—and at the settlement table.

León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP
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