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White-Collar Defense

White-Collar Defense

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With former prosecutors and other government lawyers on our team, we help our clients anticipate prosecutors’ and regulators’ next steps, plan and execute efficient and thorough investigations, and quickly pinpoint key issues on an international scale. No matter the client or the problem it is facing, our primary objective is to obtain the most favorable outcome for our client with the least impact on that client’s business and reputation.

Our team represents clients in all stages of U.S. federal and state criminal matters, from grand jury to trial to appeal. In many of these matters, our clients are facing complex parallel proceedings where what happens in one proceeding could impact the other. These include simultaneous internal investigations, U.S. SEC investigations, U.S. and foreign regulatory enforcement actions, congressional and state legislative inquiries, and related civil litigation, such as securities class actions and derivative suits.

León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP
León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP is a leading complex business and commercial litigation law firm serving clients worldwide.

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