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Byju’s Hid $533 Million in Hedge Fund Once Run From Miami IHOP, Lenders Alleged – Bloomberg

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One of India’s hottest tech companies, Byju’s, allegedly hid $533 million in an obscure three-year-old hedge fund that once said its principal place of business was an IHOP pancake restaurant in Miami, according to lenders trying to recover the cash.

The allegations are the latest twist in an increasingly public battle between Byju’s, an India-based education tech firm, and lenders who claim the $533 million is collateral for a $1.2 billion loan. The two sides have been trading accusations about the loan, with lenders claiming it is in default and Byju’s accusing lenders of predatory tactics.
“Byju’s has gone to great lengths to conceal the whereabouts of borrower’s $533 million for the admitted purpose of hindering and delaying” creditors, they argued in Miami-Dade County court filings.

Marcos D. Jiménez
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Marcos D. Jiménez
Marcos D. Jiménez is a Partner at León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP and a Chambers-ranked commercial litigator with a proven track record of success in complex business litigation and white-collar criminal matters.

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