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Banking & Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services

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Our attorneys have experience in a wide range of banking and financial services litigation, including lender liability actions, suits by loan participants, actions arising from letters of credit and other forms of commercial paper, commercial and residential foreclosure actions, and loan fraud matters.

In the last few years, we have obtained judgments exceeding $400 million on behalf of our clients in disputes involving financial services and products, and defended some of the world’s largest financial institutions in over 200 jurisdictions across the United States. The attorneys at León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP have also represented banking clients in hundreds of matters ranging from borrower fraud, wrongful foreclosure and escrow procedure challenges, to insurance, real estate, securities, antitrust and contract claims, in addition to aiding and abetting claims and other matters. Our attorneys also have experience handling government investigations, including Consumer Financial Protection Bureau actions, where we have negotiated the scope of and responded to Civil Investigative Demands and defended against enforcement actions.

Our firm has a wealth of experience representing financial advisors, hedge fund managers, and hedge fund management companies in a host of litigation matters, including cases alleging fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligence.

León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP
León Cosgrove Jiménez, LLP is a leading complex business and commercial litigation law firm serving clients worldwide.

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